Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy that is directed more towards connective tissue or fascia. (The protective structure surrounding bones, muscles and continues into ligaments) Fascia is collagen that connects, stabilises and holds organs, joints and muscles together. In miofascia, (fascia that surrounds muscles) this structure detects instability and responds by thickening, providing stabilization and protection for the surrounding joints or muscle that may be lacking in strength. You could say its similar to developing a callus on the hands from over use. The body develops these strategies to protect from damage.  Although the body is protecting our musculoskeletal system we will experience a lack of range of motion and pain as a sign of imbalance.   Myofascia release helps to reorganize the webbing of collagen (mild scare tissue) to restore symmetry and flexibility. It is a gentle form of treatment targeting superficial or deep fibers, over a refined or broad area of the body. Using gentle pulling, stretching or compression we aim to realign and break down areas of thickened and shortened tissue. This treatment can fall into postural realignment therapy.