Feb 24th 2017 What can i say this lady is AWESOME! worked her magic on my arm and lower back at the expo and noticed immediate relief. Highly recommended. linsey from Sorrento


24/2/2017 She amazing, she released my points where i had pains for a long time and other pains i didn’t know were there. I asked her to be very gentle, she didn’t hurt me like other therapists and massaged on my each points. Thanks a millions  🙂 Alyona


24/2/2017 I got treatment today for my back injury and it helped a lot. Jenna also gave me stretches and exercises to do, will defiantly see her again. highly recommended Jordan


5/3/2017 If you’re looking for an AMAZING Remedial Massage Therapist – Go see Jenna from WellBodies!Tegan

18/5/2017 Jenna has a wealth of knowledge about the body, muscular and nervous system and I highly recommend her!  During a period of stress recently, I visited Jenna for a remedial massage to relax and de-stress.  She explained that emotions are stored in muscles and released during massage when pressure is applied. The massage released a lot of emotion (during and after the massage!) and really helped me feel so much better very quickly. I usually see Jenna for muscular issues, but had no idea massage could be so healing for the emotional state! Madalyn